7 ways to improve the candidate’s experience

Learn how to design a recruitment and hiring process that strengthens your employer brand.

1. Listen to the candidates

During the recruitment/hiring process it’s always useful to be in touch with the candidates and to make sure that they are as informed as possible about the stage they are in and about the steps they need to take.

2. Customize your communications

It’s always better to send personalized messages tailored for each candidate, than sending automated messages to all candidates.

3. Streamline the job application process

Accomplish this by using easy, simple and fast processes, accessible to all candidates. Streamlining the job application process will also allow you to gather data to measure the conversion rate of applicants and its variations.

4. Be open to receive and make comments

Candidates appreciate receiving specific information about the status of their application, especially if they have advanced to the final stages of the hiring process.

5. Survey the candidates’ experience

This will let you know what candidates think about the recruitment/hiring process, and if communication was useful/appropriate. Likewise, a survey will let you know if the candidates would recommend your company to another person, based on their experience.

6. Report decisions in a timely manner

If you are no longer considering a candidate for a vacant position, you should inform him/her as soon as possible and provide specific comments or feedback on the reasons why they were not considered suitable for the job.

7. Try to make the recruitment/hiring process an endearing one

The recruitment/hiring process is crucial for producing a good first impression of your company and can make a difference for a candidate’s decision of accepting a job offer or not. Additionally, HR must try to guarantee that this process is competitive in the market.