5 reasons why you should reinvent your career

Learn about the reasons why continuous training is the best way to reinvent yourself in your professional career.

Today, talent must embrace alternative methods to further develop professionally and to have more influence.

1. Globalization and technological disruption have redesigned work

These processes have resulted in a series of important changes which include the increasing automation of capabilities, the increase of the requirements demanded for quality jobs that provide greater value to employees, the redefinition of the positions/roles within a company, and the redefinition of competition models.

2. Employees are expected to become ‘polymorphic’ workers

In today’s world we must reconsider how we think and organize the learning processes under uncertainty conditions: the skills and experience requirements that companies demand will increase in the near future.

3. Business models are being reinvented

Traditional planning for professional development is no longer a guarantee for success: having a less structured and more flexible approach is necessary because many of our projections may not work as planned.

4. The market will offer fewer job opportunities for those approaching retirement age

In recent years it has become more common that people choose to develop their professional careers as independent workers. It should be noted that an independent worker should autonomously managed his/her training and promotion.

5. The new possible configurations of work

In order to adapt and innovate in the new global reality of work we must be open to new and different ways of thinking. The new set of values that workers should possess are flexibility, agility, autonomy, leadership, curiosity, having a mentality of personal improvement based on continuous learning and strategic change.