6 soft skills that any IT team must have

Know which soft skills HR should develop in your company’s IT team.

1. Leadership, project management and communication

These are necessary skills to execute large-scale projects, although commonly they are not as developed as the technical capabilities of an IT team.

2. Empathy

It’s not just about being a good programmer: IT team members must be good at listening and understanding the perspectives of others, while their attention should be focused on addressing and fulfilling the client’s needs.

3. Continuous learning

Technology systems evolve constantly, so the members of an IT team should never stop updating their knowledge, and training and further expanding their skills.

4. Teaching

The leaders of IT teams should train and mentor new talents in the use of technology.

5. Strategic capacity

Software configuration decisions and data security are some of the most important tasks of an IT team: they are of strategic importance to a company and vital to face the competition.

6. Conflict management and emotional intelligence

Team work requires mastering emotions, controlling frustration, and knowing how to communicate assertively.

Source: shrm