9 attitudes that outstanding employees avoid at work

Learn about 9 issues that an employee who seeks to stand out from the rest tries to avoid.

Having these negative attitudes can damage your professional image.

1. Questioning decisions

If your boss assigns someone else to a project or a position you were interested in, instead of questioning this decision, ask what the basis were for making it. Besides being assertive you will know better which skills you need to improve.

2. Resisting change

Believing that things are never going to change just because they have always been done in the same way exhibits a non-resilient personality.

3. Deteriorate your credibility

Using phrases like ‘I think, maybe, this is a silly idea’ or ‘I’m going to ask a stupid question’ may weaken your professional image and shows a lack of confidence in yourself.

4. Saying ‘This will only take five minutes’

When you have to fix something or carry out a specific task that you think is easy it’s always better to say something like ‘This will not take long’ or the like. Being hasty gives the impression that you are doing things too quickly or carelessly.

5. Labeling one of your colleagues as ‘incompetent’

Disqualifying your colleagues reflects poorly on yourself: a much better and wiser option is trying to help them or to talk privately with the person in charge. Always avoid criticizing others in public.

6. Not performing a task because ‘it’s not your duty’

By doing this you project the image of being a person who always wants to work the least possible to earn a paycheck. However, when someone asks you to do something that you consider to be ethically inappropriate, it is justified that you wouldn’t do it.

7. Avoiding responsibility

It’s always better to face a difficult situation and to give an objective and rational explanation about what happened. Stick to the facts and let your boss draw his/her own conclusions.

8. Replying ‘I can’t do it’ to a request

Instead of saying that you can’t do something try offering an alternative solution: this will clarify what you are actually capable of doing. Another good choice is to ask for help or guidance when facing a complicated situation.

9. Complaining about your job

Complaining makes you look like a negative person who will bring the group morale down. You should also remember that bosses know that no one is indispensable and that finding a replacement at any given time is not actually a problem.

Source: bbc.com