6 Keys to a successful global talent attraction strategy

Learn what it takes to an effective global talent attraction strategy.

1. Build relationships over time with potential candidates

Do not rush or pressure them to move quickly: instead, commit them in the discussion of their professional goals over time, keep in touch and keep them engaged through personalized contacts until the right job offers are available.

2. Change your staff’s strategy

You should go from a strategy that merely covers vacancies to one that can guarantee the access to flow of talent with the skills and characteristics that your company will need in the future, whether for replacement positions or further expansion.

3. References program

You should develop and maintain solid reference programs for employees and former employees.

4. Use campus recruitment

Using existing university networks along with vigorous internship programs can attract young talent.

5. Understand and promote the employer’s brand

The idea is to communicate through social media the reasons why employees want to work for your company. Employee testimonials and videos are very useful for this task.

6. Develop your Online Career page

Provide potential applicants who investigate about your company with the information they need: include information about the values, culture, products and services of the company, as well as the general benefits of being one of its employees. Likewise, consider building an online community of talents.

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