5 Steps to start digitalizing the HR area

Learn what the Human Resources (HR) area of an organization should do before digitalizing.

1. Acknowledge digital tools

One way to see the next big trend is to notice what people are talking about: even if they are talking about ‘ridiculous’ things that might be an idea that could be worth investigating. After listening to what people are talking about select three possible technologies that could potentialize your work.

2. Investigate deeply

Once a viable technology is identified, do your homework and decide for yourself if this technology can suit the style of management of your company. Likewise, find out what other companies are doing and what they say about the benefits and disadvantages of that technology.

3. Make a commitment with the leaders to try something new

If your research indicates the possibility of a profit for the business, find a way to make to communicate your ideas to the leaders of your company: in your presentation define what you plan to do and the resources you are willing to commit. You should also identify the result or achievements you expect to bring to the company.

4. Anticipate results

Counterpointing the probable yields can be beneficial for your presentation: anticipate to your audience the probable outcomes and the tangible results of adopting a new technology.

5. Participate at a high level

It may be tempting to give up at the first sign of difficulty: digitalization requires greater discipline and effort in the beginning. The benefits may come but not immediately, while there may be additional unanticipated benefits.