The 6 commandments of the short, effective and well-prepared Meetings

6 mandamientos reuniones
For the effective management of meetings, it is recommended to inform the participants in advance: to have a much defined objective, to set a limit on interventions, for the meeting to be short, and to keep a record of it.

1. Previously inform about the agenda.

This prevents participants from being taken by surprise, as this can lead to a negative reaction to the desired goals.

2. Have a well-defined objective.

It is necessary to be orderly, to know the ideas and problems of the workers, or to make decisions.

3. Set a time limit for each intervention.

In order not to lose patience, all interventions should be limited to a maximum of 2-3 minutes.

4. Keep a tight agenda.

The most controversial points should not be left until the end of the meeting: they should be addressed from the beginning and directly.

5. Keep a record of the meeting for the participants.

Be mindful that the participants know exactly what was decided: it never ceases to amaze us the number of directors who leave a meeting without being completely sure of what has been agreed upon.

6. Carry out few or no meetings whenever possible.

Today, thanks to the miracle of technology, messaging groups allow management and employees to stay permanently in contact.