Human 3.0: when humans connect with technology

The human connection with technology, achieving the development of the first cyborg. In addition to 5 improvements that could be attained for humans.

British scientist Kevin Warwick uses electronic implants in his body to «update» his organism.

Technological advances and the Internet will progressively invade our body as well; theories begin to emerge about the superiority of cybernetic organisms and the need for humans to use more technology to avoid being overcome by them.

The first cyborg in history

Kevin Warwick is the first cyborg. He has introduced electronic implants in his own body, linking his nervous system to a computer.

Humans 1.0, the first experiment.

In 1998, the English scientist implanted in a radiofrequency device his left forearm that was kept inside his body for 9 days. This device allowed his location and facilitated its identification, while allowing experiments such as turning the device on and off (as it entered or left a room).

Humans 2.0, the body assumes to be a cyborg.

In a second experiment, Warwick implanted a chip again, but this time, to connect his nervous system to a computer in order to demonstrate that the brain can emit signals that the computer can decipher and understand. The scientist connected this chip to a mechanical hand: during the first weeks nothing happened, until one day he got the mechanical hand to open and close following the orders from his brain.

Humans 3.0, towards an exponential change.

For the British scientist it is clear: if we do not recognize our inferiority and do not use our knowledge to improve, artificial intelligence will end up overcoming and annihilating human intelligence. In this sense, the objective is to merge human capabilities with those of machines; although connecting our nervous system to a computer is still a science-fiction theme, in the future a person’s nervous system will be able to control computer systems. With this, updated humans will constitute a new species: a new social class of superior beings, equipped with chips that track humans and computers that control brains.

5 improvements that could be brought to humans by technology

  • Almost unlimited memory.
  • Extraordinary calculation capacity.
  • Simultaneous comprehension of more than three dimensions or of the five human senses.
  • Perceive ultrasound frequencies or emit infrared frequencies.
  • Communicate without the need to talk.