5 steps to recover from making a major mistake at work

error en el trabajo
Learn what to do after making a mistake at work.

Use these tips get you back on track after making an error and as tool to further develop your professional and personal skills.

1. Start by recognizing your mistake

Acknowledging your error is much better than simply avoiding it or giving any excuse: actually, it gives you an opportunity to show maturity and responsibility.

2. Dominate your emotions

After making a costly mistake it’s very likely that your emotions are not in balance: try to be calmed and don’t take things personally.

3. Apologize by offering a solution

If necessary, apologize to the person directly affected by your mistake. However, it’s better to come up with a possible solution to correct you error.

4. Accept the consequences

Reprimands or sanctions may come after your mistake: if this is the case, accept the consequences and carry out your tasks without complaining.

5. Reflect on the situation

Whatever you have done always recognize your shortcomings and look for solutions. Also, you should have in mind that, sometimes, mistakes are so serious that can’t be undone and that the best solution for your professional career is to find another job.

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