4 marketing rules that should be applied to the digital attraction of talent

Learn about 4 marketing processes that should be used by digital recruiters.

In the competitive labour market of today, candidates and/or applicants expect authentic communication from the companies. Thus, talent recruitment teams have started to implement marketing strategies oriented to attract possible candidates.

1. Personalization

  • Begin by describing the ideal person for a specific position in terms of talent and try to discover what’s important to the candidates regarding their work preferences.
  • Finding out the possible skills and tastes of the candidates through the collection of data will help you to personalize the messages you send and to create personalized contents.

2. Generate specific content

  • As you develop communication channels aimed at the specific jobs or profiles that are difficult to find, you should consider what kind of content makes sense at each stage of the candidate’s ‘journey’.

3. Don’t lose the connections you already made

  • Once you have segmented the specific talents and skills you look for, you could send the possible candidates a newsletter, start a blog, or share a short and attractive video of the company that communicates the latest events of your company.

4. Keep metrics of everything

  • The most effective recruiting companies thrive on rich, timely and action oriented information: data analysis and metrics will lead you to a better understanding of your actual sources of potential candidates.

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