5 steps to deal with uncertainty in your working life

Incertidumbre vida laboral
It specifies the necessary attitudes to avoid indecision in a job context. In particular, unpredictable work, uncertain future, flexible work, risk taking, and having a broader profile.

We are facing an unpredictable work environment.

The ability to take advantage of this situation represents a competitive advantage. The idea of getting a job and keeping it forever no longer corresponds to the current context.

1. The most valuable jobs are the most unpredictable.

In general, they tend to be the best paid. They are associated with efficiency and are intended to design action plans that contribute to the generation of proactive attitudes.

2. The attitude toward an uncertain future depends on the personality, values, and trust of each person.

The new rules of the game can be seen as either as an opportunity to grow and further expand the knowledge and experience acquired, or as a threat.

The need for control and the lack of confidence in one’s own resources to face complex situations are the basis of the discomfort that the conditions of uncertainty generate. This also relates to the desire of staying in the comfort zone.

3. People who have worked in several companies have an added value.

The ability to learn and adapt to a different context are basic in the new environment of labor flexibility.

4. Risk taking is the new formula.

Young people are quite clear about it. However, it is their families who want young people to “play it safe”. This is so because families are looking for static security for youngsters, which paradoxically can make them lose good job opportunities.

5. Take care to expand your work profile as much as possible

You must try make your profile “desirable” for companies. For this it is necessary to continue with your professional training, gain experience, have a plan for your career development, and -something that is currently more valued- be motivated and have a positive and proactive attitude.