5 prejudices about sexual harassment in the office

Discover some of the false beliefs surrounding sexual harassment at the workplace.

This behavior could create a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment can take a wide array of forms: inadequate comment or jokes, and also inappropriately which touching a person.

1. Only men harass.

Both the victim and the harasser can be a woman or a man, and the victim does not necessarily have to be of the opposite sex.

2. The harasser is always a superior.

The harasser can be the victim’s supervisor, an agent of the employer, a supervisor from another area, a co-worker, an employee or just a client.

3. The person who suffers harassment is the only victim.

The harassed person does not necessarily have to be the only victim, but it could be anyone affected by this offensive behavior.

4. Harassment is only physical.

There is also verbal misconduct, which insinuates or makes offensive propositions and nonverbal misconduct such as exhibiting unsolicited photos of sexual or inadequate nature.

5. Believe that a policy is not needed.

Lacking a written policy on sexual harassment and leaving the resolution to common sense can lead to more problems than necessary for a company. For example, would you know what RH should do when the accused of harassment is the CEO?