The main 5 jobs of the knowmads

Know what profiles of people with high digital knowledge and how these are changing the way we work.

The term knowmad refers to a nomad of digital knowledge, thins kind of and profile is among the most demanded. Generally, nomads are young people who only need a laptop and a good internet connection to be productive: they are the living proof that new ways have been created thanks to the new technologies.

1. Cybersecurity specialist

Today, data security, information, networking and security professionals in the cloud are in high demand as companies increasingly rely on data to carry out daily business operations.

2. Blockchain developer

The demand for blockchain developers has increased 33 times in the last year in the United States: this type of technology is key for developing cryptocurrencies.

3. Machine learning engineer

6 out of 15 emerging jobs in 2018 were related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some way. Likewise, the demand for skills related to machine learning was increased by 190% between 2015 and 2017.

4. Cloud architect

These professionals are responsible for managing the cloud of an organization; their tasks include creating servers, platforms, storage solutions and models of cloud systems, in addition to leading the change implied by the adoption of this new technology.

5. Business intelligence analyst

These professionals are mainly concerned with analyzing data on which a company makes business decisions: their job is to maximize the utility of data.

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