4 new hybrid professional profiles

Learn about 4 new professions that have been created and transformed by technology.

In the coming years new professional realities will emerge from areas such as Data Management, Mathematical Engineering applied to Data Analysis, Biotechnology and Sports Management.

1. Data Manager.

Is an expert in the extraction and analysis of information: he/she can develop skills in data analysis tools for the creation of software for personnel recruitment, and for the detection of new habits of behavior and consumption.

2. Biotechnologist.

Biotechnologists will be present in diverse areas such as the agrofood industry, the energy, environmental and textile industries, as well as in the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

3. Mathematical Engineer.

Specializes in statistics with computer skills and is capable of programming predictive algorithms for optimal decision making.

4. Sports manager.

Can meet the specific demands of professional athletes, while having a unique profile capable of directing and managing major sporting events, leading brands, clubs, aquatic centers, golf courses and other recreational spaces.

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