4 reasons why Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace the traditional psychometric tests

4- razones-ia-terminara-con-las-pruebas-psicometricas
Technology and predictive analysis put the survival of psychometric tests at risk.
  • Today AI is able to associate the frequencies of certain words with specific personality traits and categories, by monitoring and researching the linguistic behaviour of people in social networks.
  • Some words that reflect personality traits are: work, family, friends, health, money, feelings, fulfillment and positive and negative emotions

The reasons why AI will replace traditional psychometric tests

1. AI doesn’t need the candidate’s consent.

Psychological tests require the person to be willing to answer a series of questions.

2. Avoids all types of bias.

Experts say that while not needing interaction with a person, AI can still help to discover the finest details about his/her personality, needs and values.

3. AI goes beyond.

It can reveal shopping preferences, music, film and reading tastes, health and physical activities, volunteering preferences, concerns for the environment and entrepreneurship potential.

4. Greater profitability.

AI analysis can save time because is done more quickly and economically.

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