3 new roles that will evolve HR management

Discover the new functions that are becoming a part of HR departments thanks to the integration of data analysis.

These new functions were born in the last three years; they recognize the importance of the use of data and of research and predictive analysis to meet the needs of the employees in an optimal way.

1. Generator of experiences.

Through data analysis carried out with the help of AI, personalized experiences are created. These experiences focus on creating the roles that the employees perform, which are reflected in customer service at the workplace. This function can be used for recruitment, learning and development, and performance management.

2. Director of machine learning.

This new function is capable of generating personalized and continuous training through the analysis of an employee’s performance, based on the integration of data related to all the tasks he develops.

3. Director of benefits.

This function was designed to help employees in reducing the stress caused by economic problems. A director of benefits focuses exclusively on the economic well-being of employees, based on data analysis and on the financial services available to them.