5 steps to turn learning into a motivational tool

Aprendizaje herramienta motivacional
The steps to make learning a motivational tool are presented. In particular, the focus of results, problem solving, keeping employees motivated, alignment with the objectives and vision of the company, as well as succession and leadership.

Learning is not achieved by chance: it must be pursued with tenacity and diligence and must be part of the working environment that organizations want to create. Learning can never be left to chance or destiny.

1. Change the focus of results.

Most of the time, companies focus on the results, the profits curve, and the level of sales. However, the learning curve of its employees often goes unnoticed. It is necessary to worry about the experience acquired instead of the general development of its employees.

2. Learning and development help to solve problems.

Sales teams can use mentoring and coaching with new employees. The more experienced employees should be updated on the topics of high strategic level and be aware of the daily needs of the company, for example, the use of new communication tools to reach potential customers.

3. Training is not just a way to implement programs.

It is also a good strategy to keep employees motivated, committed and focused. Whether they are junior team members or high-level leaders.

4. The objectives and vision of HR should be aligned with those of the company.

In addition to the specific programs of each company, such as incorporation, training about the product, and general development issues, it is necessary to think about project management and leadership development. Consequently, programs of importance to your industry should be included: customer service, security measures, or crisis management.

5. Planning approach for succession and leadership development.

This approach is important for high-level functions of the company and for the training of the workforce in the areas of business growth. In other words, the HR team needs to create tools that offer a roadmap for the professional growth of employees.