How to attract millennial employees.

Millennials may seem lazy or uninterested, millennials seek a different work experience than the working generations before them. To some employers, millennials are a mystery. They stroll into offices, expecting benefits, good pay, and if they don’t feel satisfied, they will leave the company no matter how long they’ve been there. However, millennials, just think differently than the generations beyond them. Companies need to keep this young group if they want to keep their businesses running. But how can companies attract and retain millennials?

Companies need to figure out how this generation works. 1) They value experiences; 2) They want to feel passion for their work. They care more about purpose than money. If your company does something that adds value to the world, millennials will be interested in working for your company. Knowing this attract and retain millennials.

Millennials value diversity, not only with race but with gender, sexuality, and other identities. Companies with diversity are attractive to most millennials.

Thanks to the internet, people can now communicate with anyone in the world from wherever they are. Companies that want to attract talented millennials must think about offering this new generation the opportunity to work remotely, which is an attractive bonus that can benefit both of you. Companies can save money on office overhead, and employees can avoid traffic and enjoy working home office.

Millennials want to feel inspired at work, so surround them with others who are talented and enthusiastic. Offer them free training to help them grow in their career. Your young workforce will be thankful that you are investing in them.

We are living the internet age; this means that anyone can find out anything online. Because of this, millennials expect transparency at their jobs as well. They won’t tolerate leaders who keep them in the dark, so be as open as your employees are on their social media.

Companies that want to attract and retain millennials should allow them to use social media while in the office. The idea of paying someone to work for you, and then they hang out on Facebook or Twitter all day sounds crazy; is not just that they’re addicted to social media, but also because they use social media to send and receive valuable information that could be useful to your company.