8 bad work habits that affect negatively your Personal Brand

8 examples of non-professional behaviors that you should avoid.

These behaviors affect the image you project to your coworkers, managers and clients: you should eliminate these conducts to improve your career.

1. Obscene or vulgar language

It might be offensive to the people around you, and besides, obscenities and profanity denote little creativity to communicate and exhibit poor language skills.

2. Lack of punctuality

It reflects a person’s lack of commitment and professionalism and translates into negative publicity.

3. Sex oriented or unbecoming behavior

You have to have self-control: regardless of the situation you should avoid inadequate glances at people and making comments that may make anyone feel uncomfortable.

4. Say yes to everything

Doubtlessly, having a positive attitude can help to be more productive. However, you should be careful not to exaggerate: questioning in an intelligent manner will speak better about you.

5. Not keeping your promises

Committing yourself to attend to a meeting or event or to perform a specific task and not doing so can make you look irresponsible and unreliable: avoid making promises you can’t keep.

6. Not caring for keeping your working space in order

If you are a disorganized person with your own affairs, others may not consider you a reliable individual capable of carrying out more important tasks.

7. Not knowing how to express yourself

If you can’t express yourself with enough precision and clarity people will not take you as a professional person.

8. Hiding information and/or lying

This behavior can make people not to trust you: you will instantly lose the trust of anyone who realizes you are lying and/or misinforming people.

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