7 tips to find motivation at work

Learn different strategies to find motivation at work.

Having effective self-motivation strategies is one of the main features that distinguishes high-performance professionals from others. Recently, a group of researchers has identified several strategies that seem to motivate people, whether they are trying to lose weight, save for retirement or implementing a difficult initiative at work.

1. Set specific objectives

Abstract ambitions such as ‘doing my best’ are generally much less effective than having a concrete goal such as bringing in 10 new clients a month, for example.

2. Focus on the pleasant aspects of work

Think expansively about how to accomplish a specific task could be satisfactory and can be seen as an opportunity to show your skills to leaders. Try to compensate yourself for a hard effort with activities which are rewarding, such as listening to music while you work.

3. Find effective rewards

Promising yourself a vacation or buying something you want after you completed a project at work can be a useful strategy. However, one mistake you should avoid is rewarding yourself for the number of tasks completed or your working speed since this kind of approach often overlooks the quality of the work done.

4. Fine yourself for not working hard enough

This can help you to be more committed to achieving your goals: sometimes this can be necessary when you don’t feel, not motivated enough at work. Most people will always try to avoid losses, especially financial losses.

5. Divide the greater tasks into smaller goals

Generally, when people work to reach a goal they have an explosion of motivation in the early stages but tend to collapse in the middle. Dividing the greater and more complex tasks into smaller and feasible goals will give you a sense of progress.

6. Take advantage of the influence of others

Listening to what your role models have to say about your goals can help you find additional inspiration and motivation to pursuit your own vision. Talk with your leaders or peers about what they are trying to achieve with their hard work and ask for their advice and suggestions for your work.

7. Think about the positive impact of your work

Think about the people and/or family members who inspire you to succeed and focus on how your work helps the company to fulfill its mission: this can provide powerful intrinsic incentives to achieve your goals.