6 warning signs that is time to look for a new job and professional growth

Six points to know if it’s time for you to start looking for another job.

Being in a professional comfort zone could make you miss the best moment of your career.

1. Your wage is stagnant

If the promised time for a raise has passed and/or you have not been paid accordingly with assuming a greater responsibility or making an extra effort, may be the time to start the search for a new job.

2. There are no professional growth opportunities in the company

When you have reached the highest position you can have at the company you work for, it’s difficult to stay motivated. At the initial stages of your professional career, you should try to get promoted every two or three years.

3. No new challenges or learning

A very important aspect of professional achievement is always learning new skills and facing new challenges. Never be afraid of taking additional responsibilities or receiving more training and education to expand your role.

4. You don’t feel proud of your work

If you are not interested in showing your work, it can be hard to stay motivated. Not perceiving that your efforts contribute or generate a positive impact is usually another indicator to leave the company.

5. If you disagree with the mission and/or the values of the company

This is an important part of motivation at work: From the perspective of the Purpose Economy it’s important that companies focus on addressing and solving the problems of greatest social impact, this will also give satisfaction to the employees on a personal level.

6. Not having enough time for you

Watching the clock progress while the work doesn’t end is very exhausting on a daily basis. If there are no possibilities to change that, it’s definitely time to start looking for another job.