HR considerations on background and employment record verification

Verificacion de antecedentes
Presents the main aspects to be considered for background and employment record verification, such as the division of opinions, the minimum points to be verified, and the associated complexities.

It is estimated that up to 90% of people distort their personal or work information when applying for a job.


Background verification divides opinions:

  • Some see it as an invasive, unnecessary, or rude process. They appeal more to trust and time saving.
  • Others consider it as a simply necessary and imminent process.

Minimum verification:

Graduates, if they present a copy of the corresponding title, must be asked to present an official certification and verify its authenticity.

Investigate whether the candidate had behavioral problems or showed bad manners in their previous jobs.

Employers should focus on what is most important to them: background checks and being transparent about what they will ask and why.

Three complexities for verification.

  1. On some occasions, hiring a foreigner implies knowledge of other laws and another language. This can translate into higher costs and longer duration of the process.
  2. Increase in costs and time of for each contracted person.
  3. Candidates often do not help expedite the background check process by quickly providing their email address or phone number.