6 considerations to be Applied at a Work Audition

consideraciones audiciones laborales
Focusses on the implications for HR that the implementation of a work audition process has.

Today, the selection of talent has evolved, and we can find more evidence of how a candidate would perform a job, before hiring him.

1. The amount of time required.

The recruiter should start by considering a longer period of time than the sole interview. We must think about the nature of the work post and the fact that the completion of the hearing and interviewing process could last even weeks.

2. Consider if the audition is really effective.

A real job audition should imply simulated work: suggestions for a new project, an edition of a document that will not be published, etc.

3. Evaluate if you can or must pay for the ideas.

If the audition involves more than a few hours and tangible work, you can consider the possibility of an economic exchange for the work done.

4. Consider the health of the candidate.

A job audition is a stressful moment for the applicant, keep in mind that the company is also tested.

5. Make an evaluation of both: the candidate and your team.

Ask the candidate for comments to potential colleagues and bosses, share this information with those employees addressed, who have a more precise idea of the company’s collaborative culture.

6. Understand what is the "final goal"

This is an opportunity to demonstrate what you can do unconventionally, but if you are not enthusiastic enough about doing your best effort, then a work audition is not for you and neither is the actual work post or the company.