How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) help Human Resources (HR)?

IA ayuda RH
The most and least common uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a tool that allow for a range of opportunities for Human Resources (HR).

The range of opportunities encompasses the creation of strategies for attraction, retention, equality, benefits, and more.

The most common uses of AI for HR


of employers said they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced data analysis in their recruitment and hiring processes.


declared that they use elements of the AI to make strategic decisions and manage their employees.


admitted the use of AI aspects of to analyze their labor policies.


declared using AI for the automation of certain tasks previously performed by an employee .

Littler Mendelson’s Law Firm Annual Employers Survey (2018).

The 4 less common uses of IA

1. Litigation Strategy. Employment related lawsuits to tend to be based on facts, which makes the collection of documents and other information critical. The ability to take advantage of the data at the beginning of the development of a case, to extract ideas before making a deposit or to begin to evaluate the credibility of the witnesses, is something revolutionary.

2. Gender Equality in Wages. Data analysis can also be used to evaluate payment capital and to eradicate historical wage discrimination practices that are based on differences in gender, race, and ethnicity.

3. Chatbots. They help employees to have access to important information about policies and procedures, from any location at any time. Chatbots communicate by text and can be useful in answering common questions from employees.

4. Adjustment of Internal Policies. RH must supervise the systems to detect biases and to generate actions aimed at reversing an undesired impact, which happens when an apparently fair or neutral standard is, in reality, discriminatory in practice.