9 tips to be effective in a remote interview

Points out the main aspects that a person representing your company must have in mind when participating in a video interview.

1. Always mind the forms.

Interviewers appreciate authenticity and people who are upfront, yet you should not lose formality.

2. Verify your information.

Make sure you have an account for the platform that will be used for the interview and gather in advance all the information about the interviewed and the position he will apply for.

3. Hardware test.

Once the platform is confirmed always verify that your microphone, headphones and camera work well.

4. Do not use your personal profile.

Have a profile exclusively for work which has your name and surname as well as a neutral photograph: avoid using your personal social media accounts.

5. Mind your attire.

Avoid wearing very dark colors, always prefer neutral tones.

6. Build trust.

Although spontaneity is valued, always try to create an appropriate setting for the candidate to feel secure.

7. Avoid interruptions.

Always avoid your cell phone or any person interrupting the conversation, if it happens, never lose track of what you are saying.

8. Don’t carry out other activities at the same time.

This can cause your computer’s connection speed to slow down.

9. Take notes.

Listen well and write down as you would in any interview: you can go back to your notes and investigate at any time.