9 elements that can consolidate and expand your Employer Brand

Know the elements that can help you to consolidate and further expand your Employer Brand.

HR must pay attention any opportunities to consolidate and strengthen the firm’s employer brand: not doing this could have negative business consequences.

1. Company’s website

A firm’s website should explicitly transmit its organizational culture, while also allowing candidates to apply for an available job in the simplest and most accessible way possible.

2. Advertising for personnel selection

Advertisements should reflect who you are, your values and your way of working.

3. Material for events

You should always have in mind that, in addition to attracting new customers, promotional material should also be designed to attract potential new employees.

4. Official presence in social networks

HR must generate a digital communication strategy which takes into account the attraction of ‘passive’ candidates.

5. Training and development material

These kinds of material and contents should always emphasize the importance that you assign to professional learning and development processes.

6. Performance management

The more employees feel that you treat them fairly and in friendly terms, the more they will fell motivated to improve their work.

7. Interviews with employees who are leaving the company

This kind of interviews will always help you to clarify the differences that might have led an employee to leave the company, while providing valuable insights and information to improve your processes.

8. Employee profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks

Online profiles can communicate both the positive and the negative aspects of your company: HR can create specific content to be shared through the employees’ social media accounts.

9. Employer review sites

Recently, employer review sites have become an influence for candidates who are looking for a job and want to have more elements to make a decision on which companies to apply.