8 Things you should never do during a job interview

Learn what you should not do during a job interview.

1. Refer to your last boss as an incompetent.

If you had problems with your previous boss, it’s better to avoid the issue.

2. Say you hated your last job.

We must try to put aside negatively charged expressions and use expressions such as «I am looking for new challenges».

3. Not recognizing your weaknesses.

Not only you will sound arrogant, but this will also suggest that you are not capable of self-criticism and of receiving in a good way the recommendations from others.

4. Ask about free time.

If it is the first job interview, you have not been offered the job yet and you have not even been told about a possible salary, you don’t need to go into this type of detail.

5. Not knowing well the company.

Before going to the interview, investigate who is your possible employer, check their website, their social networks and the news that has been published about the firm.

6. Ask about the salary.

It is better to wait for the interviewer to mention it: this way so you have more room for negotiation, if necessary.

7. Show a desperate position.

One thing is to say that you are very interested in the job, but it is a completely different thing to say that this job is your only option.

8. Don’t lose formality.

Avoid politics or bad words in a moment when you feel confident.