7 tips to develop your personal brand

Provides tips on how to build your personal brand on social media. Building your network is vital to make your career grow: only about 7% of people do this.

1. Have a good photograph.

Care for appropriate clothing, body language and professionalism.

3. Show your competences.

This accounts for your work experience and set of skills.

5. Build your network.

Try to establish connections with opinion leaders.

7. Have a career plan.

Find out what you need to do to get to the position you want and use your network and personal brand to get there.

2. Show your personality.

The way you address your network should show respect, communication skills and a positive attitude.

4. Make yourself different from the others.

Separate yourself from the rest and make a lasting and positive impression.

6. Share valuable content.

Make sure the contents you share are related to the area of your interest or expertise.