7 rules for talent attraction in the digital world

Persona mundo digital
Discover 7 guidelines for improving talent attraction through the web.

1. Determine the cost of each applicant

Accurate metrics will help you to determine a job ad’s performance to overall cost of hiring ratio. Currently, 90% recruiters don’t find out this ratio.

2. Attractive digital content

Whether is an entry on your blog, a social media post, an article, or photos and videos, the content you publish should always be aimed at your market niche.

3. Employer Brand Level

Periodically evaluate your website: it should effectively communicate your employees’ and reflect the organization’s current situation. The idea is to publish videos, tips, and information on internal events that portray what is happening in your organization on a daily basis.

4. Authenticity

Candidates like real life stories and images: they expect that the labour/entrepreneurial culture of your company is transmitted in the same way.

5. RH must work hand in hand with Marketing

Create a working relationship between the RH and Marketing departments so that they function as a team: sharing recruitment content through your website will strengthen your image and will further expand your reach.

6. Organize and measure

Efficient digital management and accurate metrics are key factors to know which categories, ads, and types of content have the greatest impact.

7. Stand out from the competition by using data

You can develop a personalized career plan along with your job offer based on the information generated by the potential candidates’ metrics.