The 7 skills of the companies with digital ‘agility’

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Learn about the skills which companies that use technology to optimize their processes, products and more advanced services have.

HR must work on acquiring these skills in order carry out the changes posed by the 4.0 Revolution.


By 2020, almost half of companies will be dependent on their ability to create digital products, services, and experiences.

1. – Reaction ability

Digital ‘agility’ requires a kind of business mentality and processes that allow firms to quickly redefine their strategies to meet the changing needs of the market.

2. – Retention of talent

The more experienced employees in a company are a valuable asset for its growth.

3. – Strategy design

To take advantage over competition and further potentialize labour through the use of technology.

4. – Diversity and integration

Without ‘digital natives’ in a company everything is more complicated: HR should work to effectively integrate all age groups under the same goals and objectives.

5. – Automation mindset

This will help to reduce errors while making operational processes more efficient.

6. – Constant development

Training orientated to develop, test, refine, and update products, processes, and a service is an important step towards attaining ‘digital agility’.

7. – Take advantage of trends

Today, trends are the unequivocal route to digital transformation: embracing changes in a timely manner translates into new business opportunities.

Available at: Forbes