The 7 situations for which good employees quit

Situaciones buenos empleados renuncian
7 situations are explained that account for employees quitting: excessive work, no recognition, or challenges and interest on the part of the bosses, not fulfilling acquired commitments, not being with the adequate personnel, and not being able to pursue out their passions.

Few things are as expensive and damaging to an organization as the good people who decide to abandon it.

Next, some of the most common situations that causes the resignation of good talents:

1. They work too much.

Wage raises, promotions and work post changes are acceptable ways to increase the workload. If you simply increase the workload because people have talent, without changing anything, they will look for another job that gives them what they deserve.

2. Their contributions are not recognized and rewarded.

Managers need to communicate with their staff to find out what makes them feel good and reward them for a job well done. With better results, this will happen often if they are doing well.

3. No challenge.

When you have a talented employee, it is up to you to keep looking for areas where you they can improve and expand their set of skills. The most talented employees want feedback about the work they do, and it is a task for HR to retain these employees. If this is not done, the best workers will get bored and fall into self-complacency.

4. Their employers don’t care about them.

Bosses who do not really care about their employees will always have a high turnover rate. It is impossible to work more than eight hours a day for someone who is not involved on the personal level and who does not care about anything other than production performance.

5. When commitments are not met.

When you maintain a commitment, you grow in the eyes of your employees because you prove to be reliable and honorable. But if the boss does not fulfill his commitments, why should others do it?

6. When the wrong persons are being hired or promoted.

When managers do not adequately perform the task of hiring good employees, this discourages those who work by their side. Promoting the wrong people is even worse.

7. They are not allowed to pursue their passions.

Providing opportunities for employees to follow their passions improves their level of productivity and job satisfaction. However, many managers want people to work in a «small box».