7 reasons why employees speak badly of their employers

Discover what causes an employee to become a bad agent of your brand.

1. When they perceive inequality.

Employees can be angry when they perceive an injustice at the workplace.

2. Toxic leadership.

No companies are abandoned, bosses are left. When employees feel that they don’t have a way for expressing their concerns, a common reaction is destructive behavior.

3. When the entrepreneurial culture went wrong.

When a firm’s values are not aligned with successful teamwork, there may be a negative reaction from someone in the company.

4. Bullying.

When employees suffered some kind of mocking and the company did nothing to repair the offense.

5. Lack of financial empathy.

Understanding the financial well-being of your staff can greatly reduce the risk of the employees’ contempt.

6. Wasted skills.

When employees feel underestimated and question why their talents and abilities have not been used better.

7. Organizational ignorance.

When leaders are not careful about their behavior and when they choose to ignore a potential risk or rule out the possibility of it happening to them.