7 indicators to know if you are in the right job for you

Aburrido empleo
Identify the warning signs for knowing when it’s time to change your job.

It’s surprising to know how many people remain in jobs that are not suitable for them, just because they don’t realize it’s time to make a change.

1. The mission of the company is not aligned with your personal or professional beliefs

When don’t believe in the products or services your employer produces, the situation can be seen is as if you were accepting a bribe to work, disguised as a wage.

2. You don’t share any common interests with your co-workers

We all like to feel connected with our colleagues at work beyond a mere professional relationship.

3. You don’t have the respect of your boss

Without actually feeling the respect of your superior, it will be difficult for you to have a sense of accomplishment: working for someone who doesn’t respect you is the best career killer.

4. Your job is not aligned with your career goals and/or ambitions

If you can’t explain how your current job helps you to position yourself for your next career goals, it’s not the right job for you.

5. You are daily waiting for the clock to mark the end of your office hours

When your goal at work becomes not spending a minute more than you have to at the office, you are clearly in the wrong job.

6. You find yourself constantly reacting negatively

If all you can see and feel at your current job is tainted with ‘bad vibes’, then it’s time to look for new and better energy in another place.

7. Weekend is not enough for you to recover

By definition, jobs can be exhausting: however, they should never be so mentally and/or physically demanding that you can’t get proper rest in your time off.