7 habits that could make you more productive at work

Learn what you can do to increase your productivity at work.

1. Have a goal list

Write down a list of weekly, monthly, and annual goals: think if these goals reflect what you look for professionally, what you really are good at, and the purpose behind each action you take to achieve them.

2. Measure the results, not the time

A greater number of working hours doesn’t necessarily translate into more productivity: the real challenge is to achieve results and to improve over time.

3. Don’t pay attention to trifles

Instead, you should focus on the really important people, events, or tasks; comply immediately with what is required from you and concentrate on your professional and personal growth.

4. Start at the end, not at the beginning

Always carry out a preliminary research in order to formulate the possible outcomes of a project: this will allow to advance more quickly and to have a wider perspective.

5. Take time to think

Try to always have a time margin to analyze things: sometimes a second look at things will allow you appreciate the finer details from another angle.

6. Efficiently manage your time

One of the keys to productivity is eliminating the elements of your daily routine which make you lose time.

7. Try to be more at home

Work intensely during your daily schedule and try to go home early: spending quality time with your family and loved ones will increase your motivation to work.