7 Features for the Recruiter of the Future

7 caracteristicas reclutador futuro
Defines the main features for a recruiter of the future, which are valuable skills for recruiting and selecting talent from the new and future generations.

reclutador1. Be effective in connecting.

Recruiters talk constantly and send messages to candidates. Most of these candidates are not known personally by the recruiter. Performing the recruitment task well is reduced to being able to build a relationship almost instantly.

2. Demonstrate a high conversational capacity.

Something that is even more valuable is having the ability to tell the truth in a way that people accept it easily. When recruiting, we lose a lot of time playing this «game» of communication with the candidates. Dealing with real people who think they are the «perfect» fit for their work is difficult, especially when you know otherwise.

3. Be responsible

Big recruiters find ways to «make it happen», they do not put pretexts forward, regardless of the limited tools, resources and time they have. They do not allow roadblocks to stop them or speed bumps slow them down. They rise to the occasion and make good things happen. Recruiters face constant rejection: not presenting themselves to other people as a «victim» is fundamental to success.

4. To have a marketing approach.


Marketing skills have become increasingly valuable for performing a great recruitment work. Of course, a potential recruiter can learn something from this through education and experience, but it can also be a natural skill. The classic interview question designed to measure is when the recruiter gives the candidate his own pen and asks him to sell it to himself (the recruiter).

5. Closing ability.

Salespeople are trained from the first day on how to close a deal: recruiters are no different. Your ability to select candidates who accept your job offers will boost or interrupt your career.

6. Consultant skills.

The best recruiters become talent consultants for hiring managers. It is not about doing the work for them: it is about offering an experience. Consulting skills allow recruiters to become valuable members of the inner circle of the human resources manager, someone they trust when making hiring decisions.

7. To have a vision for the future.

Recruiters should be constantly looking at industry trends, not just about talent acquisition, to see what will come next. If a recruiter does not ask about any new tool or trend in the market, it only reflects that he does not care about his future development.


Source: SHRM