7 digital tools for corporate education

Herramientas digitales capacitación corporativa
Explains 7 technologies that can make a difference in an essential point for the success of any company: the qualification and preparation of employees.

These technological tools can make a difference regarding an essential point to the success of any company: employee qualification.

1. Storytelling in e-learning.

Among the techniques and methods used to make online courses and trainings increasingly effective and efficient, storytelling is a trend that uses narratives to stimulate creativity in students, while also allows for the transmission of a larger amount of information.

2. Mobile learning.

Uses applications to help with the professional education processes. It can include video lectures, e-books, or even educational tests and games to encourage employees to learn in a simplified manner. In this case, the employee participates in small daily trainings carried out by mobile phone: whether watching a short video or doing activities that require only a few minutes of their attention.

3. Customized training.

Each employee has a specific potential, individual strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, each employee will be affected differently by the various types of education. Customization is required: by means of customization, trainings are optimized so that they are able to help each employee go over specific more points.

4. Gamification.

The whole idea behind gamification is to transform learning into a lighter and more participative process without losing focus on the long-term results. Companies may create games or adapt them according to their internal requirements.

5. Hybrid learning.

Students receive class material in advance (this can also be done via mobile phone applications) and study it to share what they’ve learned with their classmates. The idea is to make the training and learning environment more balanced while stimulating professional autonomy at the same time.

6. Nonstop learning.

It has never been so obvious that education requires continuous effort. Think about it for a moment: in addition to the knowledge acquired and accumulated through education, we live in a world in which new technologies and methods develop at an accelerating rate.

7. Learning with data.

To transform simple data into real learning, we need to select and analyze each piece of information. So, learning “alchemy” may be the ideal solution to this challenge. In this case, alchemists are responsible for filtering and curating the content to be transmitted to employees, to select only the specific items that are important for each person.