6 keys to contracting with the help of bots

Today, companies are already performing a good part of their hiring process with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Artificial intelligence has begun to speed up the hiring process of large companies.

1. Compilation and classification of data

The information of the applicants is evaluated by AI tools to know if they meet the expected requirements.

2. Evaluate the selected candidates

Artificial Intelligence software can evaluate candidates according to their answers to a series of open questions.

3. Increase diversity

The results obtained through AI don’t replace human judgment: rather, they show the candidates that didn’t seem to be obvious choices at first glance, thus reducing human induced discrimination or bias.

4. Program appointments with the selected applicants

AI tools are able to carry out routine questions, as well as to check time slot availability for scheduling an appointment with a candidate.

5. Everything translates into cost reduction

Besides the economic savings, AI can enhance user’s satisfaction and optimize the hiring process.

6. Improves the candidate’s experience

This aspect if AI use has proven to be beneficial for constructing or reinforcing an employer’s brand.

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