6 reasons why an HR department should not be included in flexible work policies

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Discover the main reasons why HR personnel should not be absent from work.

Due to the nature of the functions and tasks of the HR area, those who work in it are not candidates to be absent from office.

1. Strategic role

The main HR function is to align the talent strategy with the business goals: physical presence is required, since direct observation is a crucial source for analysis.

2. Supporting employees

HR personnel should be present at work to assist stressed workers, address their doubts and concerns and listen to their complaints and demands.

3. Group dynamics and communication of the organization

HR should be focused on developing an agile and skilled workforce in which teams collaborate efficiently: being present at work is necessary, so that details are not lost.

4. Nature of HR tasks

HR personnel needs to be present at work to carry out tasks such as onboarding, training programs, recruitment, succession plans, making decisions, etc.

5. Compliance with the organization’s policies

HR is in charge of implementing the regulations and policies that frame the working environment in the office: HR presence is needed in order to know with detail the current situation of the organization on a day-to-day basis.

6. Regulation of the working environment and employee satisfaction

HR must be sensitive to the daily dynamics at work to detect problems and take actions that promote a healthy environment. HR should also pay attention and properly address the health, well-being and attitude issues the employees might have.