6 strategies to acquire and train high performance talent

Learn 6 ways in which RH can acquire and train high performance talent. Evolve from a routine based to a business-focused strategic function.

1. Integration of talent with the business.

By making them a key part of the
execution of the strategy they can anticipate
the commercial needs of your organization.

2. Internal mobility.

Existing talent must be recognized as a strategic resource: this is a simple way to recognize their abilities and they ca also be supportive with the new hires.

3. Evaluation focused on values, ethics and potential.

This results in a stronger corporate culture
that is reinforced with each new hiring.

4. Build custom teams.

Not only attract the best talent but further strengthen the employees’ commitment to your brand: this will promote the culture of the organization and result in a better performance.

5. Promote training and informal learning.

Mature working teams regenerate continuously: HR should encourage employee participation based on a combination of traditional education, mentoring relationships and networking opportunities.

6. Use of Artificial Intelligence.

The use of analytics based on data and digital tools
helps to obtain better human resources by evaluating candidates and avoiding possible misjudgments
caused by biases or false logic.