6 ways in which distraction with a cell phone affects a work meeting

Distractions caused by cell phones affect the performance at work, more so if this occurs when a meeting is being held.

‘Phubbing’ affects the performance at work: more so when meeting is being held.

Only 10% of people completely ignore their cell phone at work meetings.

1. Leaves a bad impression.

It is unpleasant and harmful for everyone in a meeting.

2. Incomplete messages.

Someone who is distracted on the phone can’t understand the message or information correctly.

3. Extend the meeting.

The more participants in a meeting, the more they are likely are to be distracted. This results in an unnecessary extension of the meeting.

4. Delay decisions.

When someone is distracted, he pays no attention to the details, which is detrimental for adequate decision making.

5. Loss of time.

If someone is distracted is as if he had not been present in the meeting.

6. Loss of leadership.

Employees complain that during their conversations with managers they feel neglected and managers do not seem to value their time.

HR should start generating strategies to avoid the use of cell phones during meetings.