6 changes that will take place at the work place in the next 10 years

6 cambios futuro management
Draws attention on 6 changes that will be seen in the labour world in the medium term.

1. Goodbye to the middle managers.

Whose role revolves around data collection, action monitoring and compliance.

2. Technology will evaluate when people should rest.

It will tell people when they have worked too much and when they should recharge themselves by monitoring their biorhythms, nutritional and exercise needs.

3. An optimal use of technology will require more professionalization and the acquisition of new skills.

This means that an increasing proportion of jobs will require postgraduate education. HR should focus on training, tailored learning, competencies and hackathons for employees to learn and relearn constantly.

4. Labour will be surrounded by technology and artificial intelligence and will have no borders.

Employees will work and talk with team members in different languages and interact with different cultures, by using avatars, language software, conversational interfaces and real-time translation.

5. People will actively seek a job that gives them a sense of purpose in life.

Smart companies will be attractive not only because of higher wages, but also for offering employees the opportunity to have a socially relevant impact through work. HR should encourage employees to share their personal stories, experiences and successes in various social causes.

6. Social imbalances.

While technology closes the gap between geographically separated people, it also introduces cracks in relationships and between cultures. The remote allocation of labour implies that many employees will not build social relationships at their workplaces, which will generate problems of personal disconnection and loneliness.