6 benefits of using software for job interview programming

Presents six concrete benefits of the use of automation and artificial intelligence for the job interview programming process.

This is how the automation process works: after selecting a candidate for an interview, the automated system allocates the available spaces and then sends an email or a text message to the candidate in order to set a specific time and date for the interview.

These benefits are:

1. Attraction and impact on the hiring process as well as presenting a modern and efficient image of the company.

2. Eliminate round-trip emails and phone calls that require a lot of time.

3. Support the hiring team to plan upcoming interview dates in real time.

4. Allows you to spend more time looking for candidates and get involved with them.

5. Recruiters can access both the schedules of the candidates and the interview team to schedule multiple interviews at once and make changes.

6. The system automatically confirms appointments, synchronizes with the applicant’s tracking system and sends reminder notifications to candidates and interviewers either by email or text message.