5 technologies that every Head Hunter must know

Head hunter tecnología
Mentions 5 technologies that can be of great help for the head hunters so that they have new perspectives in their searches.

Head Hunter

1. Artificial intelligence.

When applied to the search of candidates it can interpret a superior quantity of data than that which the most experienced of the recruiters is able to.

2. Smart platforms.

These increase the ability to incorporate determinant variables to the search: the professional skills and competencies that a candidate needs to have, not only for a good performance in the position, but to ensure its fit in a specific entrepreneurial culture and work team.

3. Social networks.

Most professionals are increasingly aware of the need to abandon their anonymity and empower their personal branding in order to become visible and valuable to the eyes of potential employers without the need for anyone to «discover» their talent.

4. Knowledge networks.

These are connected communities which are linked by a specific area of expertise, and common themes or interests. In these networks people share all kinds of information or experiences.

5. Collaborative platforms.

The change of paradigm for the identification and selection of talent, allows to democratize the access to the talent that companies need today, whether they are large, medium or small.

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