5 strategies to increase generational diversity at work

Shows strategies to increase generational, racial and gender diversity at work.
1. Examine your recruitment practices.

Does your website include photos of a diversified workforce based on age? Do your job applications ask age-related questions, such as the date of birth or the date of graduation of a person?

2. HR must train recruiters and interviewers.

To avoid misjudgments and preconceptions such as that a younger worker will work for a lower salary or that an older worker will not adapt to changes and will not remain for a long time in the organization.

3. Include age as part of your diversification and inclusion programs and efforts.

Grant benefits tailored to each generation and don’t include age as a prerequisite for a job offer.

4. Offer learning and development opportunities to all employees.

Include professional advice, digitization training and reverse tutoring programs.

5. Promote a multigenerational culture.

Recognize capacity regardless of age and reject age-related stereotypes.