5 objectives of a job interview via telephone

Learn how to correctly plan a job interview by telephone.

A job interview conducted over the telephone should be brief and concise, and it should work as a previous filter for the interview in person.


1. Find out if the employer’s/candidate’s expectations for the job match

The tasks and functions required by the job must be discussed during the interview. Likewise, you should evaluate the candidate’s attitudes and reactions, while also listening to their and comments.


2. Determine if the candidate is suitable for the job

The candidate must possess at least 70% of the skills required for the job and show how his previous experience will help him/her to achieve the projected results.


3. Focus on the needs of the client

During the interview the candidate must focus on the needs that the employer seeks to fulfill and should ultimately focus on properly addressing the needs of the clients of the company.


4. Clearly define profile and functions of the job and find out about the candidate’s expectations

Similar jobs or work posts titles/names sometimes mean different things from company to company and/or might refer to different tasks. Thus, the title/name of the job is not as important as its description: speaking about the exact nature of the job will help you to confirm whether if a candidate’s expectations align with the requirements of the job or not.


5. Determine what kind of worker the candidate will be

After conducting the telephonic interview you could have a general idea of how it would be to work with the candidate by analyzing his behavior: whether if he/she was kind, spoke with clear voice, if he/she was sharp when answering the questions, if he/she has a sense of humor, etc.