4 steps to become a HR networker

4 pasos convertirte networker
Suggests 4 simple steps for learning how to build a professional network.

1. Have a clear objective.

Building a large network starts with one goal in mind and having a clear sense of direction about whom you want to meet and why.

2. Build your own Advisory Board.

Find people with whom you can develop a relationship of mutual benefit: think of your network as your own personal advisory board. People in your network should have various areas of experience and different personalities that can guide you in your professional career.

3. Add value.

Once you have established your network and you are able to have intentional conversations about your goals and your career, be sure to ask the other person «what can I do to help you be more successful?»

4. Make the most of every opportunity.

Whether you are communicating by email to initiate a contact, having a networking meeting or attending an event, be sure to do everything possible to make the most of every opportunity.