4 features of the ‘essentials’ at work

Which are the aspects that make a collaborator become essential?

1. Comprehensive.

  • Accepts diversity and the different personalities that coexist within the labor force.
  • They value the talent of others and contribute to specify objectives.

2. Passionate.

  • This quality helps them find the necessary support for the development of their skills and talents beyond work.
  • Can become leaders that transmit technical and functional knowledge and can learn to develop teamwork.

3. Ethics.

  • They thrive when their working environment is based on reliability, structured roles, clarity, and psychological security.
  • They find meaning in their work beyond the bottom line and believe in their impact on the results that matter the most.

4. Breaking paradigms.

  • They know when an old script will no longer work, and they dare to embrace a new mentality or tactic.
  • They develop commitment when they find colleagues who accommodate their views.