3 ways to end hiring biases

Learn three different ways to get rid of discriminatory procedures in your selection process.

HR must learn how to design a recruitment system that promotes labor inclusion without any kind of bias.

1. Make sure that job descriptions focus on skills.

  • Instead of requirements and qualifications, ask the candidates for their skills, as a method to select candidates. This will allow you to accommodate talent with valuable skills from other industries.
  • Evaluate your job descriptions and publications for a possible gender-coded language and eliminate the use of industry jargon.

2. Give the candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

  • By doing this, hiring managers will have a better idea of a candidate’s ability to perform the required tasks.
  • Respond to the candidates’ specific questions and perform similar activities to those expected from the candidate in the interviews (challenges, role plays and short presentations).

3. Incorporate blind selection practices.

  • Ask the candidates to omit names, addresses, school names and graduation dates on their resumes.
  • Having two members of the hiring team independently reviewing all the candidates’ resumes has helped to maintain selection biases under control.