The 14 features of the HR leader of the 21st century

14 características líder sXXI
Features such as having a good financial performance, understanding the business, being aware of trends and metrics, seeking contributions, creativity, strategic thinking, risk taking, time management, learning, and simplification of processes are detailed.

1. Knows how to interpret and manage actions through understanding financial statements and the financial performance of the organization.

2. Understand the business and how each area works.

3. Learns about industry trends, technological advances, and what your competitors are doing.

4. Understand the HR metrics to quantify the work: billing, revenue, organization, makes comparisons with the number of full-time employees, and with operating expenses and compensations.

5. Seeks progression: anticipates and looks for the opportunities that arise. Wonders what needs to change for your business to survive? What people will be needed in 4 or 5 years?

6. Actively promotes the contribution of other members of the entire organization.

7. Is focused in finding creative ways to say «yes» when other leaders need help.

8. Has a tactical and strategic thinking: knows how to give up control, guides employees in making decisions, and allows them to learn from their mistakes.

9. Is willing to take risks: takes time to think about the future, along with the staff. Encourages new ideas and supports those who propose them. Recognizes and rewards risk taking.
10. Prioritizes time: does not equate being busy with being effective. HR should focus on high visibility projects that help him be promoted.
11. 11) Is agile and a person who leads change and helps others overcome their fear of change.
12. Seeks to learn all of life, acquires new knowledge and skills. Is open to learning from others and teaching others.

13. He is creative; he produces great ideas and innovations in his daily activities. Thinks about long-term and is not afraid to speak at meetings: raises questions and proposes alternative points of view.

14. Simplifies HR policies and procedures: starts each day talking to the employees, constantly asks him what does he think of them, and how can they improve?