10 Benefits of working with a career coach

Explains why it is good for you to have a career coach.
1. A career coach can diagnose and put in order your situation and opportunities.

2. Can also offer new strategies to face your own organization policies and the competition of other companies.

3. A coach could teach you vital skills for stress management.

4. Provides new tools for improving communication, tracing your objectives and career, as well as for tracking your progress.

5. Can teach you how to deal with changes within your organization, especially if they have a direct impact on you.

6. Helps to increase competences for your company, to effectively face the competition from other companies that try to improve their market share.

7. Can help on adequately facing a current promotion opportunity or one that will be available soon.

8. Provide advice on how to act before a new boss, or a change on the leadership above you.

9. Helps to manage changes in your role or specific tasks within your company.

10. A career coach could increase your productivity or sales level.